some benefits of sauna use.

Helps Preserve Muscle Mass

Not Only Can Using A Sauna Clear Your Mind, It Could Potentially Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals Faster.  There Are Studies That Found That Sauna Use May Actually Help Preserve Muscle Mass, As Well As Help Guard Against Inflammation.

Boosts Heart Health

A Sauna Also May Increase Cardiovascular Endurance, As It May Lower Your Resting Heart Rate Over Time.

Improves Skin Strength

Using A Sauna Can Also Be Amazing For Your Skin, Although The Specifics May Be Up To Your Skin Type. The Heat Of The Sauna Can Help You Slough Off Dry Skin Cells More Easily, And Sweating Can Also Lead To Better Circulation And Enhanced Collagen Production.

Clears Your Pores

Sweating Can Also Help Cleanse Your Pores, All Of Which Is To Say Your Skin May Seem More Clear After Using The Sauna. But If You Have A Skin Condition Such As Eczema Or Psoriasis, Experts Caution That The Sauna May Aggravate Your Skin.

Speak To Your Dermatologist Prior To Using The Sauna And Stop If You Notice Any Rashes Or Skin Conditions Develop. Since Saunas Can Be Moist, Public Saunas May Be A Breeding Ground For Bacteria And Mold, Which Could Cause Potential Skin Conditions.

Helps You Relax

Hitting The Sauna Can Also Be A Great Way Decompress From The Day Many People Like Hitting The Sauna In The Evening As A Way To Unwind. Regardless Of When You Go Into The Sauna, It’s Key To Be Hydrated And Refrain From Drinking Alcohol Prior To Your Sauna Session.

Eases Lower Back Pain

Heat In The Form Of A Heat Pack Or Epsom Salt Bath Is Often Touted As A Tool For Relief From Muscle Pain Or Soreness, So It Makes Sense That A Dry Sauna May Have Similar Effects.

In Fact, A 2019 Study Showed That It Can Be An Effective Way To Bring Relief From Lower Back Pain. The Study Authors Recommend Giving It A Try For A Couple Of Sessions To See If It Actually Helps Lessen Symptoms Before Regularly Using It As Part Of Your Treatment Plan

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